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Increased Understanding of Comprehensive Psychosocial Care and its Contribution to Peace-building: Preliminary Results of a Pilot Project in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

The paper was written by Dessy Susanty, Wietse A. Tol, Rima Irmayani, Anastasia Heni, Mark J. D. Jordans and Maurice A. Bloem
This presentation aims to enhance understanding of the contributions that a psychosocial approach can make to conflict transformation and peace-building in conflict settings in low-income countries. It outlines a psychosocial programme for children currently implemented in Indonesia by CWS and HealthNet TPO. The paper was presented on Sustainable Development in Conflict Environment: Challenges and Opportunities conference in Nepal. To read, go to page 236 of the pdf file.

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Development of a Multi-layered Psychosocial Care System for Children in Areas of Political Violence

The article is authored by Mark J.D. Jordans, Wietse A. Tol, Ivan H. Komproe, Dessy Susanty, Anavarathan Vallipuram,
Prudence Ntamatumba, Amin C. Lasuba and Joop T.V.M. de Jong. This paper describes a field tested multi-layered psychosocial care system for children (focus age between 8-14 years), aiming to translate common principles and guidelines into a comprehensive support package. This community-based approach includes different overlapping levels of interventions to address varying needs for support. The paper has been published by International Journal of Mental Health Systems 2010.

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Communal Violence and Child Psychosocial Well-being: Qualitative Findings from Poso, Indonesia

The article is authored by Wietse A.Tol (HealthNet TPO), Ria Reis (University of Amsterdam), Dessy Susanty (Church World Service) and Joop T.V.M de Jong (VI University Medical Center Amsterdam). It is a result of exploratory study that examined the health care system in relation to communal violence-related psychosocial wellbeing in Poso, Indonesia, as preparation for conducting a cluster randomized trial of a psychosocial intervention. The intervention was conducted by Church World Service Indonesia in 2005-2008. This article has been published by SAGE Journals Online in February 2010. 

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