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Ensuring Sustainability through Capacity Building for Water Committee

Friday, January 20, 2012


Clean water is the main and vital need for human life and other living creatures’. As clean water resources have become scarce, many efforts to maintain sufficient good quality water have taken place in communities. Water resource management, which requires capable and skilled human resources, becomes a top priority. Therefore, the need of clean water that continues to rise over the years can be fulfilled.

A community of Malino -- a village in Morowali District which was affected by social conflict in 1998 -- has long suffered from insufficient clean water supply. In order to provide clean water for the community, the government had attempted to build the infrastructures.  However, the construction was halted and until now the community still does not have a proper access to clean water.

Church World Service Indonesia through its Water and Sanitation, Agriculture and Sustainable Livelihood or WASH Program is assisting Malino’s villagers, especially the underprivileged rural ones, to provide sustainable water supply facility.

CWS and the community have come to an agreement to continue the construction of the infrastructure that was not completed through a collaborative partnership, in which CWS Indonesia contributes procurement of building materials and technical assistance and the community contributes the local materials and labor.

Training provided for the Clean Water Management Committee and village representatives aiming to ensure the sustainability of the clean water facility for the community in Malino Village, Morowali District.
Training provided for the Clean Water Management Committee and village representatives aiming to ensure the sustainability of the clean water facility for the community in Malino Village, Morowali District.
(CWS Indonesia - Poso Office)

As one of the initial steps, CWS facilitated establishment of a clean water management committee that is expected to make sure the facility works and well maintained. A three-day-training on water facility technical operation and maintenance was held on November 14 to 17, 2011 to build the capacity of committee members. The training that was facilitated by Harun Tambing, CWS’ Water and Sanitation Advisor covered several subjects such as general introduction to water, what clean water is, gravity fed systems, operations and maintenance of clean water, clean water management, financial management for clean water management committee and clean water management strategic planning. It was attended by twenty one participants, fifteen men and six women, including local government, representatives of village organizations, religious leaders, and representatives of women organizations as well as Posyandu cadres. Eni Nurhayati, one of the female participants said, "The previous clean water program did not provide such training so we did not know what to do when the facility did not work after its completion. This training motivates us to seek out sources of clean water so that our needs will be met and community's health can be improved." W. Kolalima, the Head of Malino Village pointed out, "This is a very good training. It raises our awareness to preserve the environment and also motivates us to continue building the water supply facility that will benefit the community".



As a follow up on this training, the clean water management committee drew a work plan for the construction and prepared a draft on rules and regulation that would as well be discussed among the community. On this occasion, the village authorities also expressed their commitment to support the committee and help seek allocation from the village budget or Anggaran Dasar Desa to fund the cost of the clean water management committee operational.


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