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Basic First Aid Info Session for refugees in Bogor and Jakarta

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Living in a foreign country without the ability to communicate with the local community puts refugees and asylum seekers in a vulnerable position especially in case of health emergency situation. Therefore, knowledge on First Aid Training is important for the refugees and asylum seekers (referred to as Persons of Concerns by UNHCR) that can prevent severe injuries and death in case of emergency.

CWS Indonesia, an implementing partner of UNHCR in Protecting Urban Refugee through Empowerment (PURE) Program since January 2008, has been providing the first aid training and information sessions since 2009 and in line with the increasing number of Refugees and Asylum Seekers referred to CWS by UNHCR every year, First Aid Training is assigned as one of PURE mandatory activity program on the year 2012, especially for the Refugees Representatives.

First Aid info session provided for the refugee participants
First Aid info session provided for the refugee participants

This year's First Aid info session is conducted together with the distribution of Monthly Subsistence Allowance (monthly allowance provided for the Persons of Concerns to cover their basic needs such as food and accommodation) at refugee center in Cisarua on September 03, 2012 and in Manggarai, Jakarta, on September 04, 2012, facilitated by Harpend Dumei Simarmata and Francisca Wurangian, program officers of Health for CWS Indonesia with several topics as follow: diarrhea, seizures, ingestion of foreign bodies/ object, febrile seizures and food poisoning.

The info session, participated by 27 participants in Cisarua center and 32 participants in Jakarta, is conducted in several methods such as: presentation of the materials, demonstration without props and Questions & Answers. Based on the result of pre-test and post test of the participants as well as from their response and comments, generally the knowledge of the participants has been improved.

"We wish that by providing these info sessions, the refugees and asylum seekers will be able to quickly recognize the emergency situation and can handle the situation to prevent more injuries or even casualty," said Hindra Sulaksono, CWS Indonesia Program Manager for the PURE Program.


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