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CWS to Comemmorate Global Hand washing Day 2010: More than just a Day

Friday, October 15, 2010

“Hi friends, do you know what day is today? Today is global hand washing day,” said Dinda as she started a play on Global Hand Washing Day 2010 commemoration. Church World Service, supported by UNHCR, with young refugees, children of local community and their parents held the commemoration in Cipayung refugee center on October 15. This year’s theme is “more than just a day.”

The commemoration is held every year on October 15 to make hand washing as an automatic behavior practiced in daily life. “Hand washing with soap is important to prevent diarrheal and acute respiratory infections, which take the lives of million of children in developing countries,” said Hindra Sulaksono, CWS Program Manager Jakarta in the opening. “Today we’re going to learn about the important of hand washing and how to wash your hands correctly,” added Hindra.

Get Bubbly game was held to teach children to wash their hands before and after their daily activities such as eating, using bathroom, or helping their parents preparing food. Children had to demonstrate hand washing before or after the activities mentioned by the host. Children who never forgot to wash their hands in the game got to the finish line faster, win the game and received a reward.

Children feeling content after they practiced correct hand washing in Cipayung refugee center
Children feeling content after they practiced correct hand washing in Cipayung refugee center
(CWS Indonesia)

A play was performed by some kids following a video screening. The play showed a student getting diarrhea because he didn’t wash his hands. “Friends remember! wash your hands before you eat,” exclaimed the kids as they were closing the play. 

CWS only commemorated global hand washing day in one day. However, CWS’ campaign on hand washing will be done more than just a day to help Indonesian children get healthy.

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